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Arcana 16 - Fairy Tales / Nursery Tales

["Alternative : A Little Old Japanese Tale","Akazukin-san to Ookami-san","Arcana - Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes","Arcana - Fairy Tales and Nursery Tales","Arcana - Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales","Arcana 16","Arcana 16: Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales","ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ Arcana (16) [童話/おとぎ話]","Godfather Death God","Little Merman","Shiro","Stork's Contract","The 100 Year Thorns and the Unknowing Princess","The Centennial Brier and the Oblivious Princess","The Golden Wolf and Red Riding Hood","The Snake King","Zero-Sum"]

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Arcana 16 - Fairy Tales / Nursery Tales summary: Volume 16 : Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales1. The Golden Wolf and Red Riding Hood by Takayama Shinobu2.3.4. Shiro by Kaede Tooru and Mizutani Yuzu5. The Snake King by Kayase Shiki6. Little Merman by Kari Erika7. A Little Old Japanese Tale by Ogaki Chika8...

Amayadori wa Basu-tei de

["Alternative : 相約下雨的季節","雨宿りはバス停で","Amayadori wa Basutei de"]

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Amayadori wa Basu-tei de summary: From Echochi Scans: This whole incident started with a phone call from Ikushima’s younger siblings in a bus stop, where he had the most unfortunate luck of meeting happy-go-lucky boy, Ariie. Ikushima may look pretty, but his seemly bad and cold attitude gave hi...

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