Genre Magic

Bishoujo senshi sailor moon manga

["Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon","Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:09

Ranked: #426
Popularity: #297
Rated 4 / 5 based on 24666 votes.

Tsukino Usagi is 14 years old and in her second year of middle school. She is a bit of a crybaby and klutzy. However, she can transform into the senshi of justice, Sailormoon! An eternal classic that should be read by all....

Year: 1992-1997
Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Shoujo Fantasy Magic

Fairy megane manga

["Fairy Glasses","Fairy + Glass"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:27

The Student Government members from Yankee-kun to Megane-chan decide to get part-time jobs as a break from their extracurricular activities. Their choice: become employees of the Fairy Tail guild....

Erementar gerad - aozora no senki manga

["Elemental Gelade ~Flag of Bluesky~","Erementar Gerad ~Aozora no Senki~","Elemental Gelade: Flag Of The Blue Sky"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:26

Ranked: #7782
Popularity: #10115
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 514 votes.

Side Story/Spin-Off of Erementar Gerad A princess named Achea and her companions try to defeat the Garden of Eden....

Full moon joker manga

["Furu Muun Joker"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:30

Ranked: #5333
Popularity: #4785
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 2211 votes.

Yukihara Mutsuki has a strange ability: the ability to understand peoples feelings. However, usually she acts as a normal girl who is looking for love. One day, Mutsuki meets with a boy who sat beside her in a train by chance. Can this be... the destined meeting?? Mutsuki thinks like that is! (Sourc...

Gakuen sousei nekoten! manga

["Alternative : 学園創世猫天!","猫天","Cat Paradise","Gakuen Sosei Nekoten","Nekoten!"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:31

Ranked: #5940
Popularity: #7505
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 774 votes.

Gakuen Sousei Nekoten! summary: From Yen Press: At Matabi Academy, students are allowed to bring their pet cats to the dorms. For Yumi Hayakawa, whose favorite hobby is making clothes for her kitty Kansuke, Matabi seems like a sure bet. After all, nothing can possibly go wrong with her best frien...

Jio to ogon to kinjirareta mahou manga

["Jio and Ougon and the Forbidden Magic","Jio to Ogon to Kinjirareta Mahou","Jio to Oogon to Kinjirareta Mahou"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:52

Jio is a young magic user whose goal is to one day become the greatest magic user in the world! He lives a sheltered life with his master Iregaura, until the events of one day leave him to journey out into the world alone. Jio, whose magical specialty is making flowers bloom, has a lot to learn abo...

Year: 2009
Status: ongoing
Action Fantasy Shounen Magic

Kaze no stigma manga

["Stigma of the Wind"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:56

Ranked: #2566
Popularity: #6196
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 715 votes.

Description : Kannagi Ayano and Yagami Kazuma are asked to suppress an evil spirit that resides in the home of a collector of paintings. However, the original painting in which the spirit was sealed has been unsealed...! ...

Loose relation between wizard and apprentice manga

["Mahoutsukai to Deshi no Futekisetsu na Kankei","Mahoutsukai to Teishi no Futekisetsu na Kankei"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:06

Hard working, level 1 magician Konoha is apprenticed to lazy Knight Protector Saionji Ikumaru. They both work to keep the etherworld sealed away from their own but sometimes the seal does not work. Dragons, demons and now Ishtar, the goddess of Venus. Will Ishtar help Konoha win her master s affecti...

Magic insulator manga


Updated: February 09, 2022 23:09

Ranked: #13302
Popularity: #11862
Rated 3 / 5 based on 523 votes.

Description : From Odd Squad Scanlations: In the Kalan empire exists a prophecy that foretells the destruction of the world. Their hope for salvation rests in a young prince--but only if he manages to attain the rank of Archmage. A cruel twist of fate has cursed the sole prince of Kalan at birth, r...

Year: 2009
Status: ongoing
Comedy Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen Magic Adult

Magikano manga


Updated: February 09, 2022 23:09

Ranked: #10862
Popularity: #9277
Rated 3 / 5 based on 567 votes.

Description : Yoshikawa Haruo is just your average middle school boy who doesn't have many goals, other than to live a long life. He is the eldest of his family, and lives with his 3 younger sisters in a home with no parents. He is completely unaware of his sisters' magical powers, and supposedly h...

Mahou no iroha manga

["Alternative : 魔法のいろは!","Mahô no Iro yo!","Mahou no Iro ha!","Mahou no Iro wa!","Mahou no Iro yo!","Mahou no Iru yo!","แม่มดสาวพลังป่วน อิโรฮะ! (Thai)"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:09

Ranked: #8866
Popularity: #6737
Rated 3 / 5 based on 1289 votes.

Mahou no Iroha! summary: Not particularly good at sports, not very popular, and not very good at school, Naoki's middle school years are filled with video games and erotic books. But one day, a cute girl called Iroha appears, claiming to be his daughter from 20 years in the future. Apparently, in...

Magical girl lyrical nanoha vivid manga

["Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid","Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:09

Ranked: #2472
Popularity: #5641
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 1279 votes.

Set 4 years after StrikerS, Nanoha finally has time to get off her feet, now explore the Nanoha world in Vivio Takamichi`s shoes and her device, Sacred Heart....

Momoko manual manga

["Alternative : 桃子マニュアル","桃子手册","Momoko Manyuaru"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:15

Ranked: #12270
Popularity: #18741
Rated 3 / 5 based on 328 votes.

Momoko Manual summary: Momoko is a girl who was born into a witch family in which most of its female members possess magics. Yet they can only reveal their magical capability to "the one" i.e. their soul mate / spouse. The more magic she uses in front of strangers, the more parts of her body woul...

Replica manga

["Alternative : レプリカ","魔偶狩猎者","Replica - Last Letter","Replica -Last Letter-","Replica-レプリカ-"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:35

Ranked: #2981
Popularity: #6963
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 654 votes.

Replica summary: From Bliss: While trying to find a job, Manji, a for-hire bodyguard, also known as "Akainu (Red Dog)", meets Karu who works for "CARDS". Discovering that Karu's mission is to exterminate the deadly "TOYs", which mindlessly attack any living things, Manji can't help but forcefully...

Record of fallen vampire manga

["The Record of Fallen Vampire","Vampire Juuji Kai","Vampire Juujikai","Vampire Cross-World"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:34

Ranked: #691
Popularity: #1568
Rated 4 / 5 based on 4465 votes.

There is a legend that tells of how the world was almost destroyed thousands of years ago by the vampire queen after she unleashed her latent powers. Despite their efforts, the humans were unable to defeat her, and thus resorted to sealing her away until the time came that they would be powerful eno...

Year: 2003-2007
Status: ongoing
Supernatural Magic Vampire

Slayers - the hourglass of falces manga

["Shin Slayers: Falces no Sunadokei","New Slayers: Hourglass of Falces","Shin Slayers: Farushesu no Sunadokei"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:46

Ranked: #11881
Popularity: #18242
Rated 3 / 5 based on 304 votes.

After being shipwrecked on a remote southern island, Lina and Co. protect its townspeople from an attack by pirates…. But the island holds a deep, dark secret - and powerful magical forces are at work trying desperately to hide its past. The fate of the world once again rests in the hands of the o...

Year: 2008
Status: ongoing
Comedy Action Adventure Fantasy Ecchi Magic

Sugar sugar rune manga

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:50

Ranked: #2234
Popularity: #1723
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 5341 votes.

Sugar Sugar Rune summary: Best friends Chocolat and Vanilla are as different as night and day: Chocolat is a rowdy tomboy who always says what she thinks, while Vanilla is the quiet, shy daughter of the Queen of the Magic World! When, like their mothers before them, Chocolat and Vanilla are selec...

Ten no ryuu chi no sakura manga

["Alternative : 天の竜*地の桜","Ten no Ryuu * Chi no Sakura","Ten no Ryuu*Chi no Sakura","天之龙*地之樱","Heaven's Dragon * Earth's Sakura"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:54

Ranked: #1767
Popularity: #5015
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 1830 votes.

Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura summary: Sakura Karukaya liked her life: she was just a high schooler who loved rhythmic gymnastics, being raised by her older brother and sister. However, both of her siblings were hiding secrets about themselves and Sakura that would make her realize that the world aro...

Umineko no naku koro ni episode 3 manga

Updated: February 10, 2022 00:10

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 3 summary: Fall Rokkenjima, a private island owned by Kinz? Ushiromiya, eleven of his relatives arrive for a family reunion. He is dying and children want nothing more than to split the wealth he will leave behind. But as a storm traps them on the island,...

Umineko no naku koro ni chiru episode 8: twilight of the golden witch manga

Updated: February 10, 2022 00:10

Ranked: #26
Popularity: #1085
Rated 4 / 5 based on 6687 votes.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch summary: The eighth and concluding arc of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru series. After losing her entire family as a result of the mysterious murders on Rokkenjima, Ange Ushiromiya is driven by loneliness to learn the truth ...