Strange pension manga

["Alternative : 이상한 펜션","Mùa Ảo Vọng"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:50

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Strange Pension summary:

By AquamarineP: The main girl and her unrelated brother had always been together since their parents' unfortunate deaths. On her brother becoming a policeman of another jurisdiction, they moved into a big house...only if it doesn't have its gloomy and haunted air. They found a body of a dead young boy, a son of a hotel chain family. The ghost of the boy gives the girl the ability to communicate with ghosts. Now the main girl's unrest life is turned upside down and more complicated. Not that she is in love with her, no, no way. Not because of the dead boy's younger brother. Not that her ability to see ghosts seriously gets her into trouble...."UGHhhhhhh, somebody help me!"

Year: 2008
Status: ongoing
Romance Shoujo Comedy Supernatural
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