The Princess Likes to Lie

Updated: February 25, 2021 01:18

The Princess Likes to Lie summary:

The daughter of the marquis, Lady Edilene, the well-known “Perfect Lady”, is actually a former princess of what was once a great nation called Cedentaria. While dreaming of the revival of her home country, she who puts on the mask of the “Perfect Lady”, somehow got a marriage proposal from Prince Schwartz. The wicked Prince Schwartz, who has the persona of the “Ideal Prince”, hinted that he knows who is the traitor behind the fall of her beloved country.<br><br>And in exchange for that information, he offered a proposal. What is the fate of Edilene who’s wrapped around the wicked prince’s finger…!?

Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Shoujo Fantasy Historical
1 Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2.1
3 Chapter 2.2
4 Chapter 3
5 Chapter 4.1
6 Chapter 4.2

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