Benkyou no jikan manga

["Alternative : 勉強の時間↑","K书时间","Study Time","Çalışma zamanı"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:08

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Benkyou no Jikan summary:

-From Nagareboshi Manga: When Nao recieves a terrible grade on the latest test, there’s only one person to turn to: Andou-kun, the silent boy with his long hair covering his eyes. He gets great grades, and is semi-willing to help Nao out. Turns out that under all that hair, there’s a cute boy…! -So, Stand by Me -Green Days Endou Rui is traumatized by a horrible experience where she was framed as a 'slut' by her friend's boyfriend. Unfortunately, her 'friend' (Nana, i think) didn't believe her. She was able to pass her year by befriending a guy named Akito and the two became close friends. In Rui's first year of high school, she befriended a girl, Hiro. It just so happens that Hiro likes Akito. To be a good friend, Rui supported Hiro's love, but how about Rui's love for Akito?

Year: 2008
Status: completed
Drama Romance School Life Shoujo One Shot
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