Chokotto H na Koimonogatari

["Alternative : ちょこっとHな恋物語","A Rather Ecchi Love Story","Abnormal Love Story","Chokotto H Na Koi Monogatari"]

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Chokotto H na Koimonogatari summary:

Platonic relationships are becoming rare today. This is a collection of "Flower Comics" love stories written by seven writers. 1) Secret Housemate (Naisho No Doukyonin) by SHIMAKI Ako Sweet short story of a middle school boy in love with a high school girl. She is meticulous about wanting to know everything about the person she is dating. Her emotion conflict when she meets this middle school boy, who challenges her way of thinking about relationship. The author diligently places the character in a muddled, flustered, and distraught air of insecure emotions. She feels baffled because she can't comprehend why she likes him, even though she knows nothing about him. (Also published in Iinazuke Ryokan) Full contents: RAIN DANCEの頃には by 北川みゆき (Kitagawa Miyuki), 美徳のよろめき by 刑部真芯 (Osakabe Mashin), その手で奪って by 中原みぎわ (Nakahara Migiwa), キュア by 吉永記子 (Yoshinaga Noriko), 好きばっかり by 渋谷うらら (Shibuya Urara), キャラメルキッス by 藤原よしこ (Fujiwara Yoshiko), ナイショの同居人 by 嶋木あこ (Shimaki Ako).

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Romance School Life Shoujo Smut
1 Vol.1 Secret Housemate
2 Vol.1 Vol.1 Chapter 2
3 Vol.1 Vol.1 Chapter 3
4 Chokotto H na Koimonogatari Chap 3