Girl friends manga

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:33

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At first glance, Mari Kumakura is a rather plain, ordinary looking girl whose grades are at the top of her class. She has very few friends, is normally rather shy, and eats lunch by herself. One day, she is approached by the super cute, super popular Akko Oohashi, who claims she wants to be friends. Mari is at first very suspicious of her true intentions, but eventually comes to realize she is not a bad person. After a hair cut and some fashion tips, Akko quickly transforms Mari into one of the cutest girls in the school. In no time, Mari and Akko are best friends, but unbeknownst to Akko, Mari starts to develop feelings that are more than just -friends- A collection of this and other similar short stories.

Year: 2007
Status: completed
School Life Shoujoai