Sakuratetsu Taiwahen

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:38

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Sakuratetsu Taiwahen summary:

[From Aku-Tenshi]: In the center on a metropolis city lies a small, shaky-looking house. A normal... Okay... Not so normal high school student, Sakura Tetsu (and his family), who works day and night relentlessly to support his family's living expenses, lives there. All is normal until one day, people from the future, alien pirates from outer space, appear. The underground kingdom claims Tetsu's land. Will he prevail in protecting his own land? Or will he surrender his land into many more invaders to come? Yes... Weirdness and insanity ensues!

Status: completed
Comedy Supernatural Fantasy Sci Fi
1 Vol.2 Vol.2 Chapter 9---14
2 Vol.1 Vol.1 Chapter 1---8