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Animaru sentai unlimited manga

["Alternative : アニ○戦隊∞"]

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Animaru Sentai Unlimited summary: Nobunaga, Reona, Yuuto and Kotaro are the four members of the Animal Rangers, led by Hideo. The four of them use their animal-based powers to save the world from the evil organisation X-Ponzu and its leader, Nyaro. The series is based on a radio show starring the...

Year: 2011
Status: ongoing
Shoujo Comedy Action

Arcana 16 - Fairy Tales / Nursery Tales

["Alternative : A Little Old Japanese Tale","Akazukin-san to Ookami-san","Arcana - Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes","Arcana - Fairy Tales and Nursery Tales","Arcana - Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales","Arcana 16","Arcana 16: Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales","ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ Arcana (16) [童話/おとぎ話]","Godfather Death God","Little Merman","Shiro","Stork's Contract","The 100 Year Thorns and the Unknowing Princess","The Centennial Brier and the Oblivious Princess","The Golden Wolf and Red Riding Hood","The Snake King","Zero-Sum"]

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Arcana 16 - Fairy Tales / Nursery Tales summary: Volume 16 : Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales1. The Golden Wolf and Red Riding Hood by Takayama Shinobu2.3.4. Shiro by Kaede Tooru and Mizutani Yuzu5. The Snake King by Kayase Shiki6. Little Merman by Kari Erika7. A Little Old Japanese Tale by Ogaki Chika8...

Arcana 11 - Time Travel / Time Traveller

["Alternative : A Watch Seller Travels Through Time","After Long Long Years","Arcana - Jikanryokou / Taimu Torabera","Arcana - Jikanryokou / Time Traveler","Arcana - Time Travel & Time Travelers","Arcana - Time Travel and Time Travelers","Arcana 11","Arcana 11: Time Travel & Time Travelers","ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ Arcana (11) [時間旅行/タイムトラベ&","Darkness Future Design","Future Tedium Efforts Record","If Time","Memento Mori","Mushroom and Kappa - Time Travel Chapter","Nankai Loop?","Samurais","The Classroom Where He Is"]

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Arcana 11 - Time Travel / Time Traveller summary: Volume 11 : Time Travel & Time Travelers1. A Watch Seller Travels Through Time by Takayama Shinobu*2. The Classroom Where He Is by Kumeta Natsuo3. The Person from the Future is Next to You by Mikawa Verno4. Time Travel by Gunjou5. The Professo...

Arcana 09 - Transformation☆Personification

["Alternative : \"Thank Dogs Day\"","A Nameless Quality","A Ramen Academy That Can Make a Line!","A Sprinkling of First Love","Arcana - Henka☆Gijinka","Arcana - Transformation and Personification","Arcana 09: Transformation and Personification","Arcana 9","ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ Arcana (9) [変化☆擬人化]","Engi Maker","Humanoid Début","Little Heart","Mushroom and Kappa - Personification Chapter","My Blue Bicycle","Private Solar System Academy","Super Human Console","The Cat’s Turn","The Chosen One and Their Power","The Fo"]

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Arcana 09 - Transformation☆Personification summary: Volume 9 : Transformation and Personification*1. The Wolf and the 7 Baby Goats by Minekura Kazuya2. A Ramen Academy That Can Make a Line! (Temporary) by Kinoshita Sakura3. Mushroom and Kappa - Personification Chapter by Magami Guriko*4. Engi M...

Arcana+ 02: Male Seniors

["Alternative : Arcana Plus 02: Male Seniors","Arcanaプラス 先輩男子","Arcana+ 先輩男子"]

Updated: November 25, 2021 08:36

Arcana+ 02: Male Seniors summary: 1) 3つと3者の時間 - Time of Three Things & Three Persons 2) 眠れる森の嘘つき王子と偽文学少女 - The Liar Prince & Fake Literature Girl of the Forest That Can Sleep 3) 熱血ファンクラブ - Hot Blood Fan Club 4) あまりの器 - ...

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